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On September 8th, 2022, a roaring fire broke out in the Mmabatho Palms Hotel. Sadly, the hotel and casino were completely destroyed by the fire. The regrettable fire event, according to accounts, began early on Wednesday morning.

In South Africa, the oldest casino is located in the Mmabatho Palms Hotel. The Mmabatho Palms Hotel fire disaster is a severe setback for the province’s tourist economy in addition to the loss of employment. In addition, gambling online is still illegal in South Africa. Undoubtedly, a new internet casino would have given the province another source of income.

Furthermore, it appears that the firefighters were unable to preserve any area of the structure. According to rumors going around, Mmabatho was completely destroyed.


There are currently little details available on the fire’s origin. However, there are still open inquiries into what started the Mmabatho Palms fire. Police and other security officials were seen attempting to prevent order at the time of the incident.

Despite the lack of evidence, some individuals believe there was foul play because numerous prominent government figures were staying at the hotel. When speaking to media following the fire, Provincial Chairperson Paul Sebegoe also expressed same worries.

A police spokeswoman for the North West informed reporters that an inquiry will start as soon as firemen finished putting out the fire. According to sources, Brig. Sabata Mokgwbone stated that the Mmabatho Palms fire’s initial origin was unclear. The spokesperson for the North West police is Mokgwabone.

High-Profile Guests at the Mmabatho Palms Hotel, According to Rumors

There are rumors that numerous famous people stayed at the hotel before to the disaster, despite the fact that information concerning the cause of the Mmabatho Palms fire is lacking. The hotel served as the residence for the minister of agriculture, rural development, and land reform. The honorable minister Zoleka Capa stated during a press conference that she was woken by heavy smoke on Wednesday about one in the morning.

Capa said, “I couldn’t breathe, and it was dark everywhere.” She then shouted and began yelling “Fire, Fire,” at which point several people fled. Capa was unable to breathe properly, therefore she was sent right away to the hospital. Capa also mentioned that the Mmabatho Palms’ safety procedures weren’t subpar. Additionally, Capa and other government representatives were present to witness the swearing-in of Bushy Maape, the newly elected Northwest Premier.

Concerning Mmabatho Palms Hotel

The oldest casino in South Africa is located at the Mmabatho Palms Hotel. Mafikeng’s Mmabatho Palms was constructed more over 40 years ago. Additionally, Mmabatho Palms provided dining options and a convention center. The hotel, which is classified as a four-star hotel, has 150 rooms. Some of the amenities of Mmabatho Palms before the fire tragedy were:

Resort Bar

Junior Club


Boardroom Resources

Court for tennis


Health Center

The playground for kids

Conference Location




Solar Deck

Water feature

The Mmabatho Palms casino has 9 gaming tables and 155 slot machines. Blackjack, roulette, and poker were included among the table games.


One of the top sights in Mafikeng is the Mmabatho Palms Hotel. In addition, the loss of Mmabatho would have a significant negative impact on the town’s tourist sector. In actuality, it was the Mmabatho Palms Hotel that helped the town become well-known.

Mmabatho Palms is without a doubt regarded as a “iconic” location due to the numerous historical occurrences connected to the location. On social media, there have been several remarks since the incident was reported. It was clear from the remarks that Mmabatho Palms had a lot of significance for the people who had lived nearby for a long time.

It is clear that Mmabatho was entirely leveled from the images and videos that are going around the internet. One of the main repercussions of the fire catastrophe would be the loss of money for the government and jobs.

The loss would have been smaller if Mmabatho Palm Hotel and Casino had engaged in internet gambling since their online platform will also bring in money. Leading figures in the South African land-based gaming sector must advocate for the legalization of internet casinos. Revenues from online casinos that would otherwise be exported to other countries would do so instead. Since the Mmabatho fire incident, the National Gambling Board (NGB) has not released any statements. Hopefully, an NGB official will address the issue shortly.


Regarding the scope and timeframe of Mmabatho Palm’s renovation, the province administration is silent. The Mmabatho Palm Hotel is not just a “Iconic” building but also a top-notch tourist destination. Without a question, it brings in a ton of money for the owners and the government. Accordingly, there is a chance that Mmabatho will be reconstructed.

The hotel and casino will be rebuilt because of the sentimental value the Mmabathos Palm carries for the locals.

The reason behind the rise in the Sun International Casino Revenue Index

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Sun International has suffered significant losses as have the majority of casino firms worldwide throughout the epidemic. However, it looks that they are rebounding based on the Sun International revenue index from the most recent months to finish in June 2022.

Additionally, the hotel and gaming firm contrasted their current revenue with the same period in 2019 to demonstrate to investors an improvement in their income. There has been an improvement according to the Sun International results for 2022.

The question of whether the improvement is sufficient to satisfy investors still exists.

Sun International’s 2022 Income Statement

According to an analysis of Sun International’s six-month income statement, their revenue appears to be progressively returning to “normal.” The management of the gaming and hotel group reports that between January and June 2022, revenue climbed by around 62 percent to R4 billion.

Sun International’s income for the full year of 2022 was anticipated to be R2.48 billion, despite the several lockdowns.

Although Sun International’s revenue increased during the past six months, it is still less than it was in 2019. Sun International’s revenue during the same time period in 2019 was R5.5 billion.