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The Power of the Dark Feminine
A Sounds True two-part audiotape series. Order online from Sounds True or call 1-800-333-9185.

The following tapes may be ordered online from Conference Recording Services:  Just type China Galland in the search window.  Or, call (510) 527-3600 or (800) 647-1110.  You'll need the tape ID.

Awakening the Energies for Change: The Black Madonna and the Womb of God
Conference at GTU, June 18, 2005 Tape I.D.TBM25-016

Re-Imagining God: Tara and the Black Madonna
China Galland talk at the Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine Conference, 1994 (CIIS) Tape I.D.: RSF 94 #21.

Visionary Solutions for restoring the Earth
China Galland's plenary address at the 1998 Bioneers conference. Tape I.D.: CHI98 #005.

Images of the Divine and Lives on Fire
The Association for Transpersonal Psychology conference, 1995. Tape I.D.: ATP95 #59.

The Adventure of Spirituality
The International Transpersonal Association Conference, 1990. Tape I.D.: ITC90 #46.


Women of Wisdom and Power (Video)
An inspiration to their communities and to the world, some of today's most fascinating and influential women discuss the issues that are most meaningful and relevant in women's lives today. Order your copy through Zolar Entertainment.